Lesson Types

  • “Pay As You Go” – This type is for lessons that are not on contract/package and the client is expected to pay with cash/check/credit card/gift card/account credit/trade or barter/charity
  • “Contract/Package Lesson” – This type of lesson if for studios that use contracts/packages. The payment type, upon check in, is defaulted to “On Contract/Package” with a \$0 dollar amount as they are utilizing their authorization. Changing the dollar amount is superfluous as the monetary amounts for contracts/packages are recorded at the start of a contract/package and/or during payment plans.
  • “Intro Package Lesson” – This type of lesson is identical to “Contract/Package” but is for studios that delineate introductory offers from standard contracts/packages.
  • “Free Intro Lesson” – This is a special lesson indicator where the instructor is alerted that the client is new. Apart from this, the lesson is identical to a “Pay as You Go” lesson.