Contracts Overview

Key Notes

e-Ballroom uses the concept of “Authorizations” for contract/packages. When you create a contract/package, you specify the number of authorizations the client receives.

  • Authorizations can expire or not expire
  • Authorization amounts can be changed with each contract at contract creation
  • When a client is checked in using the payment method of “On Contract/Package”, an authorization is deducted from their contract
  • If a client has more than one active contract, the system automatically aggregates the authorizations into a single “bucket”
  • e-Ballroom supports payment plans; you can annotate the amount paid when the contract/package is purchased, and then log payment receipts as they occur
  • e-Ballroom will alert you if a client booked for a private lesson on today’s date has 1 or 0 contract/package authorizations remaining, allowing you to drive upsells in a proactive manner
  • Contract/package sales can be optionally linked to an instructor for tracking purposes
  • You can edit a client’s authorizations manually without needing to enter a new contract/package
  • Contract/Packages are logically separate from introductory packages, but function the same
    • If a client has both an introductory package and a contract active, their intro package authorizations are deducted first
  • Contract/packages are separate from memberships
  • Contract/packages can be used in conjunction with a membership

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