Client Portal

About the Client Portal

The is a portal for your clients. The portal offers the following features for your customers:

  • Sign up for group class or social dances
  • View the group class and social dance schedule
  • View their current private lesson schedule
  • Schedule a private lesson (If enabled)
  • Display a customizable welcome message

If you utilize e-Ballroom integrated payments, you can also:

  • Make a membership payment (if enabled/applicable)
  • Make a contract/package payment (if enabled/applicable)
  • Make a purchase of a contract/package or an account credit
  • Directly link to a sales portal from your website, email, social media
  • Directly link to a sale item from your website, email, or social media

All of these features can be enabled or disabled.

Configuring the Portal

To configure the portal, navigate to Outreach > Client Portal > Client Portal Settings. The following screen will appear:

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

You can allow instructors to edit the welcome message, allow scheduling of lessons and types of lessons, as well as how far in advance a lesson must be scheduled.


Payment processing with e-Ballroom is required for client portal sales and payments.