View/Editing Existing Social Dances and Group Classes

To view an old social dance/group class, or to check in clients to a group class/social dance already in the system, go to “Group Classes” > “View/Edit Existing Class”.

A screenshot of a social dance program Description automatically generated

Locate the appropriate group class/social dance from the grid, or if the class is not displayed, search for it using the date text box (with date picker that appears once you click within the box), select the type, and press “Search”.

Press “Edit” to check in clients or modify existing entries. You will be redirected to the check in screen.

Press “Print” to generate a roster of who attended as shown below. A screenshot of a dance studio Description automatically generated

Press “Delete” to delete the class/dance. You will be prompted to confirm this action and it cannot be undone.

A screenshot of a computer screen Description automatically generated